Wholesale / Distributors

There are many requests and enquiries from all over the world for distribution. In response to that, we have come up with the following attractive wholesale discounts for you. Tongkat Ali is fast getting popular and well-known all over the world. So jump on the bandwagon now and start distributing.

Product details

Extract strength 1:100
1 bottle contains 100 capsules. Each capsule is 400 mg
Current online retail price: USD$105 per bottle


Discounts off retail price

50 bottles - 50% discount - wholesale price:  USD$2625

100 bottles - 60% discount - wholesale price:  USD$4200

300 bottles - 70% discount - wholesale price:  USD$9450

500 bottles - 80% discount - wholesale price:  USD$10,500

Additional discounts for extract powder only

If you're interested in purchasing the extract powder only (without encapsulations and bottling), there is additional discount of 2% percent

2 kg - 52% discount - wholesale price:  USD$2520

4 kg - 62% discount - wholesale price:  USD$3990

12 kg - 72% discount - wholesale price:  USD$8820

20 kg - 82% discount - wholesale price:  USD$9450

(1 kg is equivalent to 2.205 pound)


All products are shipped out from the USA. Therefore, if you are located in the US, no custom clearance is required. If you are located outside the US, there may be a need for custom papers to be filled on your end. However Tongkat Ali is a safe and non-toxic herbal extract and thus far, we have not encountered any problem shipping to any countries.

Shipment will be made via USPS to keep the shipping charges as low as possible. Online tracking is available. The actual shipping prices will be based on the quantity and the destination country



Payment to be made via bank wire tranfer to our bank in Singapore

How to order

Its easy. Simply send a email to support@indonesiatongkatali.com stating the quantity you like to order along with your shipping location. We'll reply with the shipping charges along with our bank information. Once the payment is received, your order will be shipped out immediately

Additional services

For 300 bottles and above: Private label is available. You will also have the flexibility of changing the number of capsules per bottle. In other words, instead of 100 capsules per bottle, you can request for 60 capsules per bottle which will give you 500 bottles.

If you need any other services, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

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