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Tongkat Ali Side Effects

The most common Tongkat Ali side effects is a kind of hot-headiness with facial flushing. This will subside in a few weeks. Beyond that, everybody has differing experiences.

For most, there is no other side effects.

For some, they experience more aggressiveness and this is actually normal because of the increase in testosterone production.

And yet a few others reported insomnia but this is rare and it also subside after a few weeks. Tongkat Ali does not cause the possible side-effects that pharmaceutical pills come with as it is made from a natural herb.

Another reported side effect is pressure in the testicles which will also subside within a few days.

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For Indonesia Tongkat Ali, heavy metal and lead content is non-existent or extremely low. And numerous studies conducted to test the herbs toxicity levels have shown that Tongkat Ali is safe to be consumed even at higher doses.

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