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Tongkat Ali Coffee - Does It Work?

Longjack coffee. Do they work? My take is... no.

Have you ever tried mixing Tongkat Ali extract in water and drinking it. That's what I usually do and I have to tell you, it is the most bitter solution I have ever drank. I'm used to the taste now but to mix it in coffee and have it taste good? Well, there's just no way of doing that unless only very minute amount of Tongkat Ali extract is added to the coffee.

As mention in my previous article, Tongkat Ali Dosage, an average person needs 1000 mg of Tongkat Ali extract at an extract strength of 1:50 to experience the benefits.

So while Tongkat Ali extract may very well be added to the coffee, the dosage is simply not enough for you to experience the effects of Tongkat Ali.

If you want to experience the full power of Tongkat Ali extract, I recommend you give Indonesia Tongkat Ali 1:100 a try. It is the Tongkat Ali supplement I personally use.

By the way, this goes the same for Tongkat Ali tea, chocolate, soft drink etc. To add Tongkat Ali extract in therapeutic amount to tea or chocolate will make them 'un-eatable' cause it just too bitter.


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